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Tourist Activities in G-Land

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Alas Purwo National Park is located east of Java, Alas Purwo National Park is located on a remote island or small island, making the ecosystem on this island very awake and still very natural.
In Alas Purwo National Park there is a beach that is admired by many tourists, this beach is Plengkung beach or often called G-Land.
G-Land is quite well known by foreign tourists, and is a popular tourist destination, especially for tourists who want to surf.
Plengkung beach is located in the village of Kalipai, Tegaldlimo regency. In the surrounding area of Plengkung beach or G-Land there are many tourist attractions, the panorama presented by nature is very natural and beautiful, activities that can be carried out such as fishing tours, biking, along the base of this purwo you can use a bicycle or walk, besides that you can also snorkel, diving, fishing, caving and see turtle breeding directly. Visit Alas Purwo National Park and enjoy the flora and fauna in it, besides that tourists can also enjoy the sunset in the afternoon before afternoon at this beach.
Vacation to G-Land, although not for the purpose of surfing, tourists can watch the action of the surfers on the coast.


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G-land Foto 17 Oktober 2019 2


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