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G-land Surf Report Daily on August 20th – 22nd 2012


G-land Surf At the end of the season so far past and gone, and I can not come up with another time so far this season the swell had dropped to a little below for this long. although we did not get the pulse of new swell slightly wrapping around the point, today marks the fourth straight day of small waves. Four days is not so bad really, but just admit that it happened.

We have pretty much surfed Fan Palm, Twin Palms, and very lucky person gets Tigertracks really fun cause swelling had hanging around, a true two-hundred and twenty five directions. G-land Surf Forecast Today it has some head high plus sets and really clean. The wind was blowing strong offshore and I have been using stand-up everyday now. Ultra Clear water and trigger the view into the aquarium. I have seen anything out of the ordinary, but sometimes I get lucky enough to see spotted eagle rays flying through the sea or dugong lulling around in shallow water. But I did see the olive ridley turtle is great, it’s not what we see here, that will be the hawksbill. It has a head on it the size of a small watermelon and just pretty amazing to see how the giant. It’s hard to say how much it really weighed


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