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G-land Surf Report Daily on August 18th – 19th 2012


G-land Surf Java Gandrung dance party and everyone pretty much seems to be in good spirits the same time, even from late night partying. And if they do not, view the waves will lift make them up out of the fog. Still a really fun day and breaking even greater through the 1st half of the day for sure. Some double overhead sets running reef and when the wind was good facials until 9 o’clock, they live a lot of holes. Some of the Launching Pad to section 1 Speedies is standard. Moneytrees right through Kongs work too. Tigertracks would have fun these days, especially since the tide in favor of it today.

G-land Surf Forecast Swell did was go back down after noon, but some 8-10 foot faces Moneytrees fun walk and even some standing sets the Ledge. But it went pretty consistent with this point of time. I will constantly shift around trying to sit in a patch of warm water, and fortunately they are not too hard to find.


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