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G-Land September 15th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf On the second day in a row that we have no choice but to guard the Rock, the surf in thispart of us and our deep desire to care every day, we drive, even if no real waves in the sea, and the amount of pleasure, they make no sense. Since the height of the wave forecasts. If you have another wave in Indonesia on the one side of the plate scale andKong Fan Palms can be larger than its competitors so easy.

60-10 meters from the front and back uPrefs reminds me how much I love the game. It isdifficult to venture into the tree is still alive, the money or the speed, but I‘m glad for the reminder. So, the next wave went down in March, I go there and surf. It was an interesting morning, just as conditions in southern California in June / July, inwhich a layer of a stormy sea, sitting on the beach, so we see something before the sunwill burn out the moisture. This is probably about 10 hours, where we can begin to seethe waves along the barrier.

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