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G-Land October 2nd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Read and use this as a reminder, if nothing more than a friendly warning. There is always plenty to surf talk covers most of the time. Quite normal, because that is why some forests depend … for surfing … But not only for each wave to surf. This is a collection of high waves. And it’s easy to expect a briefing from a class a few floors. The story talked about the past … Hiking accident I or I saw you get. Some are from the story at a time, especially for the appreciation of the waves or simple, but very real horse, and when we were there to watch. And then there is the focus of the story is about the future. I’m not a futurist. I can not really my thoughts on something that is too far forward in time and create a feeling of. Planning. It is usually the result.

If I could choose to talk about the swell, which will be tomorrow and should never talk about it … too easy … broke my fingers, hands and say goodbye and I would wake up refreshed in the morning and had no hope, what should be. Or talk to people whose curiosity and expectations. That does not bother me, it seems not possible because we are all waiting for that to come donations. We’re not going anywhere. You might want to expand the coverage and checkin magicMEweed Paris. I can understand very well. It costs a little money to be here. But only the first request to extend the fence in the hope of some improvement in the quality of the surf.

Bondani (aka Mike Tyson) and I have a joke about the prophecy. He asked me what the navigation and tomorrow at 11:15 and I knew I propose that we ask God, and that the individual is connected to more metaphysical than I do, it works. Nearest tree or even a piece of wood on the channel, which always connects with his right hand put him in his ear, Redline directly to God, he is always right. When surfing, windsurfing, water temperature, fish, or a natural part of life. But we try not to spread our lines as a new company in the psychic readings of all kinds.

There are memories in all of this. Thus the expression of a handful started, that commitment with waves expected something that people change. And that’s just my observation.

The sea and swell forecast big enough for us to come 8 meters in 16 seconds from 222 degrees, there are a large number of W in the swell. SW 225 degrees true. So a friendly reminder Keep in mind that the prognosis may swell and wrong. Emotinally should not focus on them. Instead of waking up and seeing Bombora with limitations in the morning and fan palms and Lowtide Ledge, which went from 222 degrees to swell forecasting, we are launching pad for several classic This Speed.

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