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G-Land News September 12th 2010

G-Land Surf Report Today. 6-10 foot forward and play. I mean really fun! Early in the morning was really little more, always up to double overhead (12 feet faces) with the corresponding rates, but the swell was a bit of 10 and still find much to end the day! Lower Austria Kong broke down at launch Pad Inside today. Inside pad was really inconsistent but a few stand-out sets came through, and whistled as they do. Money Tree was otherwise consistent with real and fun.

A number of standard barrels through normally comes only before carvable or speed tracks. And again on the right tide the Ledge came alive. that full compliance with relevant Ledge, keep it honest start, but exciting, as they should from a nice high-line barrel. When the wave squares up and take only the lower part of the wave, if it is true commander of the focus. I was not so evident for a long time.

Winds were nearly all well today. That morning was clean (as it already), blew a one-time hours of N and W, He went and remained so until the sunset. If you want, well … but also destroy the feeling of clean energy. I’ll sleep well tonight, and I’m sure all of you reading this have experienced the same feeling here.

Would you drink too much water and load up on food. This is a buffet evening and hopefully I do not last as usual. I see many people come here Gainers weights and supplements. After a few weeks, especially if the swelling is consistent, you are sure they have something positive or do not know. If you have not made anything yet … but maybe one day.

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