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G-Land May 21st 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land another step down in the waning swell and it would be really hard to catch a wave. Rarely as every … SMALL IT GETS! So it was only enjoy a great day in the jungle. I think most of the crew have pretty good management of the last 3 days surf weak.

The camp is luxurious in my opinion, and therefore it is quite easy to be involved in something just this tag. And then those who get involved with the natural look of things … the forest or the coral reef … have this option. I went for a swim and came back very refreshed than normal.

Perhaps it is because a person was in the water so that the insulation has been estimated. Do I see a green turtle and a solid blue-spotted ray. Fair amount of fish. He returned with a blue-fin trevally and squeeze in the fridge for tomorrow sashimi.

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