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G-Land July 15th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp a large influx of visitors today. 40 new indeed! With fewer than 20 starts, the camp is at full capacity until tomorrow, when soon a remarkable journey of 10 + Brazilian on the boat. This is a great team of boys and girls when she was here. Today happened was a large contingent of Hawaii, including regular field as Ernie, Ed, Mike and Mika Akima, and many friends. Like many other familiar faces from Australia, and some fresh kiwi faces.

Every morning the branding guide tied for third a few hours in exchange for the new guests. Today is a shame to me that the third day! I looked at the waves at 19.00 clock … not be regarded as a person and a very clean glass plate near the sea Lite him with a series of 4-5 meters of material through the trees for money! The line-up remained low at least 2 hours, great – but if you think it is very rare in the magical world of the G-Land. Needless to say I’m a little discouraged because he was unable to recruit to leave. It was wonderful to see old friends and familiar faces are still in the army … Finally, I have about 11, the rates of reptiles and over the ridge to the fan palm, with power consumption …

People were not so bad considering that there are about 80 people in the camp now.The other fields have a low number, so that the relatively tame audience indicated.Many are very happy in the team of quality waves and tubes … Some of them were the best G-Land had seen (but much better) and basically told me that his best Mike Akima received G-loop of the earth! He felt sick, Wedgey wide, a … Taking a few of the little jars on the edge of the tide clock 04:00 Arvo 0.2 … But not many of them.

Fish Dinner epic cream of mushroom, with Kumara (sweet potato) and veges. Then a chocolate crepe. Mmmm … And now I go to the beach for our full moon dance party “Gandrung” to see – with traditional music and dance for the customers and employees with dance … need for an entertaining evening.

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