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G-Land July 10th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land is 10 guests, they came to a swift boat special, so today was my first day of official duties at the end of the day I had been unpacked from a year ago and the things that  leading this year and adjusted my room, yoga, and I began to move, in my house in the woods. surfing-wise, the bump in the swell of the afternoon yesterday went slowly throughout the day. Luckily I left late morning and got some 3fters two as to when I arrived 1:00, more surf and is quite slow and small decrease together for the afternoon. light travels most of the day.

Water temperatures in Bali safe. I know that Michael is about 25C, 21C and 23C have been written, but more … or, at least. I wore a suit, and I was a good source. I will not be without a condom. I’m pretty bad, I saw some of the largest group of people came, and they are both Board shorts …

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