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G-Land Daily Report – April 21-22 2011

G-Land Daily Report – April 21-22 2011 – My memory is not robust enough to remember what happened yesterday (the 21-Internet was new), but today 100% remember what happened. New wave came true early this morning and built through the day.

Wave was filled and running over the reef beautiful place. Was day of transport and people sat in total now 43. Full many other fields to consider the total number of one digit that is synonymous with “stoked.” Speedies launch platform and some of them had a lot of speed. As the day wore, the sets seemed to be in a better position to unravel a more relaxed break in the reef.

But, some of them initially but to block a jockey and never let out. But with 2.6 meters high, the water level was fine. Only one person pulled back through the reef, but helped gum and gouges were not as bad at the end. OFFSHORE almost all day today.

Period of N wind is not small, but beat too long, and the rest of the day was very nice. We were even blessed with good coverage of clouds to the south, it helps if you’re doing the session feeling super long on a day like today.

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