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Plengkung Beach, an increasingly popular beach, especially among surfing sports lovers, does have a great wave and is favored by local and world surfers. Those who have felt the waves on this beach dare even dub this beach as a paradise of the surfers of the world.

What makes them dare to call Plengkung Beach as the heaven of the surfers of the world? This is because the beach has a very strong 3G power so that the nickname of the surfer’s paradise is not excessive to be carried Plengkung Beach. The power of 3G here means Great, Green and Grajagan.

If you claim to be a true adventurer and love to surf, then Plengkung Beach is the beach you should taste the awesomeness of the waves. With a location that is still on the island of Java is certainly not difficult for you the adventurers who live on the island of Java to visit and spur adrenaline at Plengkung Beach, Banyuwangi.


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