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When to go to G-land?


If you are in g-land, then you are defeated by the forest and there are many other wild animals. In the 80s, the black beetle was a regular visitor to the g-land campus in the middle of the night. There are snakes, strange primates and all sorts of insects, but the greatest danger comes from the marauding rats that will pass through all the defenses to satisfy your milk stash.

The rest of your attacks with the crowds in mind. Many people do not care about the early sessions, glasses and getting into the reefs with unpleasant darkness. If possible to upload / fly / exit the rear part of the shutdown straighten over shallow reefs. As you paddle between organizing and adjusting yourself – G-land often contributes to those who wait!

When to go to G-land?
The best time to go to G-land is April to October and the June-September high season slot shows very high consistency (100%) for groundswell over 3ft (1m). The average shows a solid period of 14secs around 8ft (2.5m).

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You can see the movement and weather changes and the best time to surf on If you are interested in g-land and want to stay, then the best option is to place an online order at G-land Bobby’s Surf Camp or contact

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