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Surf Report Daily on August 12th 2012


Do not think it would have been even more fun than it was for the size of the package has swollen to the point today. Extremely clear and crisp, good wind, 6-8 foot faces on the better sets and just pure fun. Kong, fan palms, the Ledge, Money Trees, catching, and Inside Launch Pad Sets are all there and in one of these days, as you can imagine, when you move from section to section would…up and down the reef…want to try everything.

It is quiet here and that helps with everything. So monkey stories…Putu has become a little man, whom he called tolerance. If he calls it “Le Le Le” Here the little boy comes to him. So today I was sitting on top of the stairs in the bar and he trotted up to my feet, checking if I had more bread. No bread is so small after a few squeaks, he disappeared.

I just had to get back then, so I grabbed a few slices of bread and “Le Le Le”, and he came here. Sitting by my side and so soft that I was surprised by his calm, I started talking to him. Hey little man, you want some bread? a small squeak answer to my question, so I spent a little bit and he took my hand gently, but the whole time he held my hand with his free one.

“Was that good,” 2 tones to my question, he said “uhhh-huhhhhhhhh.” You still want one? 1 beep and that was it. This is a really nice guy that I can hope only that he was a beginning of a new era with the monkeys. the other rebellious crew thieves are mild, but that’s because our solution is to start the Bottle Rockets in their direction and they split!

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