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Route to G-land


If you want to go to Plengkung beach  or G-Land you can use land and sea route.

If you use land-based, you can use public transportation from Banyuwangi by taking bus to Kalipait with distance about 60 km, and followed by ride motorcycle taxi to Pasar Ayam which is about 4 km distance from Chicken Market and you can take pick-up to Post Pancur Which is about 15 km away, and upon arrival at Post Pancur, both public and private vehicles must be parked and can not continue the journey to the beach Plengkung, and to go to Plengkung beach you have 2 selection, that is by walking as far as 9 km or hire a special vehicle Has been provided by the manager of Alas Purwo National Park.

Because the location of the beach Plengkung or G-Land is located in Alas Purwo National Park area so the existing road is not smooth and still not asphalted, because it is not allowed to change the contour of the road, in addition to the contour of the road is still unpaved is also useful for Minimize theft of karu in Taman Nasioan Alas Purwo area.
The route to go is not easy but once you arrive at the location of the beach Plengkung or G-Land then all that you feel during the trip will be paid already by looking at the beauty of this beach.


And for your own sea line you can rent a speedboat or fishing boat from Gerajagan beach, the distance to be in the temple if using the sea route from the beach Grajagan is about 40 km and if you use speedboat distance traveled takes about 1 hour, and if you use a fishing boat Time taken about 2 hours to the beach Plengkung or G-Land. And if you are in Bali you can also go directly to this beach by renting a speedboat.

Whether you are curious and want to visit Plengkung beach or G-Land immediately, if yes then the management of the beach and also the people especially people Banyuwangi very welcome you who want to visit one of the tours in Banyuwangi. Don’t forget, if you want to stay at G-Land you can online reservation to G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp or email to

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