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Plengkung Beach G-Land Surfing Tour In Banyuwangi.


Waves from G-land can reach height of 6-7 meters and wavelengths that can reach 1-2 km make Plengkung beach is an ideal place to do sports surfing. If you want to get a good wave you should come to the beach Plengkung G-Land in March to October.

in addition to surfing, other activities you can do is enjoy the sunset and photography. Sunset offered on the beach Plengkung also beautiful with the sunset on the other beaches. It can even be said that sunset on the beach Plengkung is one of the best sunset on the coast of Indonesia.

If you feel tired, around the beach Plengkung also a lot of rental places to rest made of bamboo. You can lie down while enjoying the beauty of sunset at Plengkung beach. With the good waves that are served on the beach Plengkung G-Land then do not say you are surfing sports lovers if you have never conquered the existing waves on the beach Plengkung Banyuwangi.

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