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Plengkung Beach a.k.a G-land


A little story about Plengkung Beach. If we look at the map of Java Island, Plengkung beach is located at the bottom east end, entering the Banyuwangi regency. Is there anything special with this beach compared to other beaches that are quite a lot in Indonesia this. This beach just plain just may be the location factor that made my first curious. But for foreign tourists this location is very famous, especially fans of surfing sports. people said the waves are very high and this is very liked by professional surfer.

Not many people know exactly about Plengkung Beach location. For local people, Indonesia, Plengkung beach is one of the many beaches in the country. But for international tourists especially surfers, plengkung beach is one of the many beaches they must visit before die. Why? Plengkung beach is very famous in professional surfers, and became the best surf spot in Southeast Asia.

Location plengkung beach is in Alas Purwo National Park, one of the largest forest in Java. lodging facilities that you can meet is camp. We suggest you visit Bobby’s Surf Camp which many travelers recommend as the best camp in G-land. Bobby’s G-land has over 30 years of experience managing camps with facilities and internet. You can visit for more information and make an online reservation there or email to

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