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Learn Banyuwangi Culture in Osing Tourist Village

Osing Village Banyuwangi

If you are visiting Banyuwangi Regency and interested to see the diverse local culture of the archipelago. You can start from Osing Tourist Village Kemiren. This place serves a distinctive local culture feel and is perfect for a weekend getaway

Tourism Village Osing or Using is located in Kemiren Village, Glagah District in Banyuwangi District. The inhabitants of this village are a group of people who have distinctive customs and cultures as one tribe, known as the Osing (Using). The government established it, as a cultural heritage area and developed it as a Tourist Village (Tribe) Using (Osing).


The Osing community in the village of Kamiren has a tradition that runs through generations that are all still original. Entering Kamiren village there is a different atmosphere than the whole village in Banyuwangi. After being designated as Using Country Village, in 1995 the Regent of Purnomo Sidik built a tourist booth located in the north of the village. The pavilion is conceptualized presents miniature houses typical of Using, showing local artistry, and exhibiting cultural result.

In the recreation area built tourist facilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and of course there is a typical Osing house building as well as a modern museum building that mamajang various equipment and cultural trinkets Osing. Enough with the Rp 5,000 fee for admission, tourists can enjoy the recreational facilities as much.

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