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Grajagan Fantastic Wave


Grajagan known as G-Land is truly great waves with beauty and perfect waves. G-Land as well as home to many different species of wild life such as monkeys, reptiles, exotic birds, and many more. It’s an amazing place for surfing and destination of primitive.

The enormity of the waves on the beach Plengkung Banyuwangi make it into the ranks of “The Seven Giant Waves Wonder” as one of the largest in the world. Wave heights can reach up to 4-6 meters with the formation of 7 rolls composite wave. These formations can reach as far as 2 kilometers long. This is why the professional surfers have high interest to ride the waves Plengkung Beach.

There are four types of waves on the beach Plengkung. The smallest wave surfers refer to as “chickens” and “Speedies”, and “monkey trees”. The biggest wave be named “Kongs”.




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