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G-land The Second Best Wave After Hawaii


Some beaches in Indonesia are known to have waves that are potential to be a surf spot. Even some foreign tourists often come to Indonesia not only for traveling alone, but also surfing. Some surfing spots on the island of Java are also not less interesting with other islands. For example, in Pacitan, there are beaches Srau, Watukarung, and Pancer Door Surfing Spot. At the eastern tip of Java island, there are cities that often become surfing spot even to become the location of international surfing competition, namely Banyuwangi.

Plengkung beach is often called G-land and grajagan, the reputation that this beach has in the world of surfing is amazing. Plengkung Beach has the second best wave predicate after Hawaii. International surfers commonly nicknamed this beach with “The Seven Giant Waves Wonder”. Because this beach has a roll of waves that average of seven lines. The waves on this beach can reach a height of six meters when the season is good. The best season to find the waves at Plengkung Beach is April to August.

Banyuwangi tourism is very diverse. if G-Land represents coastal tourism, Mount Ijen is famous for its blue fire representing mountain tourism and Sukamade which is famous for turtle nesting place representing adventure tourism because to get to Sukamade have to go through the heavy field.

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