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G-land The Curved Coastline


G-land or Plengkung Beach presents high waves and makes it popular for surf lovers, not only from domestic but also abroad. Local people still call it Plengkung Beach, but international surfers know this beach as G-Land.

Do you know where the popular name of G-Land Beach comes from? According to some sources, the name G-Land is given by international surfers, where G here refers to 3 different words. The first G is for the word ‘Great’ which is meant for its incredible, big, or great waves. The second G is for the word ‘Green’ because of its location located near the tropical forest of Alas Purwo that looks green and lush.


In addition to ‘Great’ and ‘Green’, the third G is referring to ‘Grajagan’, the nearby bay which is the starting point to get to G-Land Beach. One more interesting from the origin of this G-Land beach. Many people, especially locals, argue that the name G-Land is given because of the curved shape of the coastline resembling an inverted ‘G’.

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