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G-land Surf Report Daily on August 15th – 17th 2012


G-land Surf east java has just lit a fire, jumping swelling from the previous day. There are no signs that the end of the fourth century, but the next day on the 15th and went nuts sunrise. ten to twelve feet go face swollen and looks great, rock lined really nice, and not at all cut once. Just peel and very clean hid in a hollow wave on a Ledge, and Speedies Moneytrees short sessions even at high tide.

G-land Surf Report  is the face of a ten foot forward and all of them get a chance to work. But it was still cold and got lucky session down at Inside Pad with other surfers are few and right in line with good credit hour long. We were all hooting and whistling to each other side on the birthday of the independence of Indonesia Replublik to 67 years.

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