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G-Land September 9th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf So it is always a little funk here for a few days. The tide has turned from W and S … no right to go to sea, and when that happens, is in the afternoon. But what is happening, something positive. Swell (8-12 feet are facing today) of a certain size, but the lines were easy to cut and split-ups, so that no wind is really good for the groom and maintain over bumps … well …. Set a good challenge to make this chapter. But there are some real quality, through the big waves for surfers lucky.

I wrote the first jet of Australia, and were part of several agreements with the formation of international forces from five countries. Both riders came back today and buzzed around us like a little kids jealous. People should really surfer. Shortly before returning to hyper-spaced in Bali, there is a radical view of their flying feathers. Article 20-second burn about 100 feet above us, are almost 90 degrees vertically from right on the money tree on packaging and very large quantities of gas pumped into the engine. I have my ears to them in the distance. I feel as exciting as it should have control of these fighters, they want the waves to surf instead of G-Land Surf

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