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G-Land September 8th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Today It ‘been a day other than a little’ patience is required. The day started with a view of fog, dense moist wonderful retreat of the waves. And stories, surfer free to see the whole thing. Burnt by the sun rose, the sea breeze began to look pretty good and not really like that day would have been promising. Regardless, two days in advance. But if you write on a dry day is at first, then just missed the window of 2-3 hours of decent money tree pad level and surface velocity upwards. Along with about 8-12 meters and does the wind blows off the coast in a substantial number especially in the south.

Not so many waves passing empty, but the walls are some very long, about 350 meters away, and for money. The pad is clearly up and down the line of bowling, but the shell is difficult to establish a barrel. There are some obvious attractive peeling waves beneath the sea surface. Then you are ready, even when the water begins slowly, may heat up again, put a little ‘rubber is still a good idea. A jacket of 1 mm would be nice … better than 1.5 mm jacket. Coat a lot in spring water and I was with a sleeve full two millimeters shorter than I’ve ever had in the past, is the vest. Very useful rubber for even more, because we have a jellyfish in the line-up.

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