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G-Land September 7th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Drainage of the tides, onshore winds fade and swell kept the upper hand on the first part of the day. Probably it was not until 1:00, when the winds were light from a cross and wrapped around the point to swell, maybe just start pounding of the tides to fill, but what was even more so because it is much better. And everyone is waiting patiently went surfing. The guys in the water passes before the mass exodus had the opportunity, especially for a few games himself. We have 69 in the field now, more than two fields are enough loads, the mass exodus was not so much.

Same direction as the wave yesterday in the same sections of the reef. Snake tree fast money with some of them are still empty, and put faces to 10 feet. Palm fans and break Kong, and help spread the crowd. Ultimately, another deluge of blood that day seemed almost everyone with kindness. But not quite like the end of yesterday.

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