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G-Land September 6th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf You will often hear how people speak prophetically that Day 2 of the incoming wave would be better, Cleaning organized. So yesterday was the day of the two is a new swell and cause enough to pull away for three days because he is not better organized on a day bloating, cleaner and more refined. It’s really nice day of surfing. Beer sunset day session more like a tight community, everyone is good at the top, just to talk and to appreciate knowing exactly where they stand.

Size fell yesterday, with the best configuration for the double-Money Tree above. Fan Palms / stem set and pull in some really strong Kong. I remember someone on the run captured the upscale bowling in the Fan Palms, beautifully lit by with his nose in the trough, and not at the bottom and held that position for about 4-5 seconds. I look down, so I sure am the real high flying surfer.

Money is the best break shortly after noon, for about 2 hours, certainly the most consistent through the window of the day. But in the afternoon, the sun is so clear and fine to 30 minutes between sets to ease wait + valuable. And unlike the last two days, there are many secondary waves that come between sentences. And so the wait easier, the sun reaches the horizon, the water reflects the color of the sky.

Does anyone know about the Aussie fighters from Australia flying around these parts. It should be something in Bali. But there are two jets thundering sound for about 45 minutes, probably trying to show us a different approach to sculpture. Very interesting to see, but I’d be less surprised than I was dozing in a beach hammock. You frickin hard jet

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