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G-Land September 5th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf  I have studied a first look ginormous clock 07:00. Just need a few sets of wild rogue, because large amounts of lethal devices I see no violation actually occurred after noon. However, there are good sized waves, which can be obtained. 6ft, if through them, above all, a little larger and much in between 4-5fters to come as well. The wind is enough for today and the line-up a little bit fragile all day. At this time a serious, too. Most of the waves through the money-tree, but strangely, there are a number pad in some very strange speedies 1.7m tidal flat.

I first came at 10:00, regardless of a person who Dawny managed only to break the bank, and then one that immediately follows. It’s never really crowded, and there is always a sweeping handle. Many barrels were not, but of course there is a strange disease. Michael has some good in the sessions. The water is very cold. One of our guests, the bassist Chris in a metal band known as the mower.

I went to Tiger Tracks after lunch, and the waves were inflated by the non-stop here! 3ft determined attempt to draw too deep and too far to the right, which really suck hard enough. Combined with the high tide is not to start too high, and 4ft fence to the chain of reform, it is no shortage of action of the waves. Wedgy large part to hit. As I type this I am very tired from the two surf. G-land surf paddling so extreme as to a non-stop surfing the rising wave against.

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