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G-Land September 30th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf It is hard to come this morning with no expectations and bouncing in my head. Yesterday’s session, because most people come here. Swell is still the last night, and … well … if you feel something is good enough standard to want to be better. But we will not be happy to offer a repeat of 29 for the complete.

Path for Speed ??is still together, but many of them have a seam on the terminal. Basically, it is better to sit down at speed and you can get one from there, but the temptation to get the first wave gracefully Speed This way is very tempting. Ask about 8-10 meters and face the wind is good. S Many offshore wind farms, but a few. Money Tree works well, but some very well prepared.

Today is the first day without any form of rubber. The last four days I wore a jacket and a soft touch. But my pension is increased not running, so do not sit in water for my nipples. A jacket for the entire well. But this time a dress is full of some jellyfish that float on the field were quite surprising. They are not all bad. Something like three, four possible types together and made ??me think, when the wave comes to earn them a stimulating environment. It is not the best day to start counting again, But the trigger that I need to take stock.

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