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G-Land September 2nd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Large, not many loyal readers of my report today. For our purposes it is not too swollen, was the flat¬†three days 4ft … Arrive at the setting, easy-to-head high and slightly larger than most, are indeed Kong. Offshore wind farms began in the morning during the week and the dry season.

In the afternoon I went to check traces of tiger (with my pension, of course). It seems a bit less than yesterday, but when I paddled 2ft easy to install, and I hope, fun-shaped wave, almost everything about me surfing again. Dave McGill, Maya, wife and daughter there with her ??friends Julien and his partner . they hung there in the middle of the pairs per day. F, Julien and Dave go out and join me after I have me for 20 waves. Then they all bought with the boat back to Brownie camp and I spent my own navigation. Another visitor, Dennis the Gold Coast, there were some big waves and then to Arvo Kong. A set of 4 feet across to.

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