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G-Land September 29th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Clean the power in the early morning hours, swollen and throbbing tide, everthing in syncwith the classic G-Land-Surf by a strike in July. The door opens slowly with the flow on the underside of the leaf. In August, there are plenty of water on coral reefs for a beautifulfall session begins the day of Spee. Launch Pad resistant barrel and various high-speed adventure Iceland. It was the day of the highest quality, because I was at the beginning of this month and enough time between the last two days of good quality here.

Money Tree work all day DOHC, gently peeling off the power. I decided to sail to thecliff and down. It was one of those days when the waves were monitored while sitting on the cushion was not interesting enough to go for me there. But it is a shiny Spee Thismeeting today. I‘ve seen some nice legs Complete cylinder, when they fell in the second half. Directly to the launcher barrel.

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