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G-Land September 28th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Just imagine to be started before wrapping around the point in the middle of the night. It was one of the morning wake up Pls ounces in the new day, eyes still closed, your goal is strong enough mind to concentrate on the sound of pounding surf … You know that there are a series of waves. And so a new swell began to show itself, and the day to see encouraging signs that hang above the atmospheric Grajagan Bay.

It was a new group of guests, and a decent number of returning to Bali. We’re still pretty full one with 58 in the field. So everything he was ten, and 610 feet show faces, the human resources by 6 clock in the morning, an increase in ounces highest double in due time. Never has the wind was good today. Quite moderate winds from the south, most of the time until the sun approached the horizon and then a smooth glass-off session was the best form closer we Got into the surf.

Money Tree all day and a window slightly short springboard into cubes Speed. The Ledge work again. It was a goal day money trees. Some sentences were the human resources robust enough to stand a few drops really hard and the top right. The hump of S Wind … That and it really was a wind prevented S keep good form and rolled. Some barrels yesterday for sure, but I’ll write more about the nature of the lining of the vessels, the barrier role for many, many meters. Operations that we do not. Only one missing element … the right wind.

And some groups have in the bay Surfing in the morning on 20 Tiger Tracks South and 20 during the sunset. It was certainly my head up and that was the general word for what he has. WAS 20 in the series of good and not the hump and the wind D G-Land Surf was good to have.

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