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G-Land September 26th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf I could easily see what is happening with the waves. And not too much to stand on a rock. Probably about 6-8 feet and face now that I think about 6-8 feet, the face is not so bad. But the form is not very good from what I saw. Real fast and cutting. Upreef would be better for the first session with a wave of secondary aid. Some customers prefer  9.8° and stand-up there too. I finally forced myself to try SUP once, take the first time in Isola Rossa, and that not too long before I was turned down on the beach and paddle Whale paddle arm 30 degrees. So I made the connection because it is so popular for fitness. Not out of connection with him is more fun than what I would call the lack of a better way to surf is normally have. But there’s a better view of what is to come from outside the coral and is very beautiful to look at the location.

Offshore increases. The way forward was raining sheets. Do not understand why we have a window of intense offshore about 2 weeks. I really hope for good winds to keep the water warm and the waves.

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