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G-Land September 24th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Those who wish to climb with the sun and surf, it goes against the normal MO for the approach of the G-Land, has stories that morning sickness and back, when you consider how these days are real variable was the wind all believed . All the people who go to all places. Straight, coral pink, 20-20, Tiger Tracks. I do not see the ocean until about 8:30 clock, but has already started on the ground. By 10:30 am, the country grew, strong enough to make sense of the surf washed out, and replace it with hope for the session sunset glass.

So, the wind is the dominant force to focus, I went back, cut the old boards and broken like a weathervane. We were in the front a little ‘, but it disappears after a few months. It is not hard to see which way the wind pushes the clouds, leaves or wave body hair sprays, but it is nice to have a good view of the beach, only if the wind shifts. In any case ….

I kind of almost forgot to write the most important … The new wave comes at a time between sunset and sunrise. Last September Bombora reflux … Break-even mid-tide there. So, somewhere around 12-16 feet and face, unfortunately, is a day like yesterday was, which means that there could be some real quality off-shore, if it works. But there are still some interesting waves.

Money Tree work better. When the flood rises slowly, starting closest to the sun, collect some of the swollen pad. I never hang there long enough to know what was happening, but a small team in it. I can imagine a pool only performs the barrier, but it can be difficult to negotiate with the bosses. But the main summit of money down a small double-up every 30 minutes. One particular game, just bigger than everything else and rave about 10 waves, most of them seemed that he would run the entire section of money. It ‘nice to see that all of a sudden.┬áBreaking the trend … the more water there, so. One day, not wearing a vest, jacket alone. All were with the exception of a pause that lasted about 40 well. I started to chicken skin reactions. The best way to put it, while there …. Hot water with a few cold spots. Unlike the past where there is only cold.

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