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G-Land September 22nd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Most of what we need is there. It no longer means more bloated. We really need a reduction in the swelling tide does not support us. It’s one of those waves, it is not difficult to think about how the clouds. We just need a little water ¬†highest high tide, when they were limited to 1.4 meter to bring food for thought. A wind, a little ‘better and a springboard for the speed.

Swell was still there, not what, 10-12 feet and face more variable on windy days. When the light went on for about 2 hours and then gently onto the glass. Session well-lit sunset colors bounce off clouds and water for a beautiful painting. For a long time … can not really even sure how long, As it was in the water if it seems that you are in colors like molten lava.

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