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G-Land September 21st 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf It was late last night … So 02 hours after midnight, I woke up, before sitting on the couch, wrapped in a thick fog fluoride. And ‘wet … cool … and strong light on the earth. There is a chance for the white water below the cliffs to see the times, but I can easily see in my head, where he directs the reef and the like. The next morning was that my imagination with more hope that the truth is filled.

Surfing is face to 12-14 meters, faces full of big bumps. But the impact of negotiations. Frontal fun and try to surf the waves gently tone, keep the speed through the flat sections and predict what the most powerful. Without being prepared by the sea is still woth water. Most of the droplets of interest are real, the tree and often money. Some of us take for a real trip.

But today is the day the bay. Many things can not be a bad day to be more chicken play Ireng external load the parang. The tides are good for the whole day there, lots of swelling to push the coral formations, the wind seems light and feel the G-Land Surf is right that the risk to come back better than when they left the field. And what an idea!

The water is still cold enough to wear a rubber. I always use a full two millimeters short sleeves … Many people have clothes or a coat in the spring. But the water rises slowly. Hope it comfortably in the trunk.

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