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G-Land September 1st 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf have roughly the same people leave the camp this morning and was still sitting on the small number of 37 guests. Wave has surprised me by today! 4ft fixed rates, and even the odd large. The wave came on Money Tree at high tide, mid tide but Kong, fans of Palm and surrounding ledge. Do not push in the swell for the Ledge, but decent. The wind on the sea are located right around 9:00 and higher.

My afternoon at Tiger Tracks Moto-X bike shoot to check out my surfing (surf boards with my class). Blacky and one guest only women in the camp we went out and there are several types of 2ft clean looks super fun. By the time I went rowing, that they be replaced, and I was surfing alone for 1 hour in perfect condition for me. Mainly because my shoulder was not interested for a long paddle. So the next two days will probably be a little today? Hard to say. But I know we get some solid swell again right from the 4, and then returned several days later.

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