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G-Land September 19th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Every day the mercury rose. So if the trend continues unabated, we drive the boat fast enough. It takes time to discuss the need to have a rubber cover, but there’s no better time than the weather is hot.

Lulling the morning, I did not feel real to navigate. Blacky and Samson were clearly laughing tiger tracks. Yesterday, a really nice there … Shoulder to head high and clean. But let’s go back a little ‘bloated. It ‘been about 6-8 meters away now, it’s pretty low … Always fun … but small enough in the Gulf region. Somehow, turn switch to navigate the most likely cause of an increase. So I switched to mode Dormant and take the next two, our customers and get off. I took one of our two longboards that Bobby Bruce as Hansel had, 9.8 ‘23 ‘2 7 / 8′ and let the rubber depends on the clothesline.

A chest high, the wind is good, and only four other surfers … from Russian. So we had a good time, pedal to wait 5 minutes, leads directly to a pulse of 40 minutes non-stop waves. We do not sit more than 2 minutes max! ‘8 ‘9 The real treat for the skin. We have two 9.8 “and a cord 9’0’ Stand-up is 30 ‘by 4’ Massive.

Sun navigate complicated by the appearance of the photo shoot Norris. Approximately 6-8 foot faces, but a set of 10 footers are very rare. Some are empty, but in most cases the waves appeared in the Kongs style fun and fan palms. Not much to go to Money Tree. Good wind. The projections indicate a big swell is coming tomorrow, and then there are 32 visitors today. We used a 62-seat dining.

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