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G-Land September 18th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf What a day surfing. The condition is really nice  Sea of Light true nature of the surface is clean … Yesterday the sea was built to give us a bit too much ”have more than 10-12 feet … and a pretty good team (and some girls) in the water. Unfortunately, somea little mistake made ??by some of the hunger, they are blind. … But all in all everything is good!

Money works on all tides except Kongs are very low and Fan Palms Ledge go all day and is only for this work a short distance, when the real money on. Barile many today …Snow types really filled with thick lips, but the style most suited to the waves, which couldrandomly play here. Which of the days of Dr. Larry Oahu. In the six decades of his life and fill my opinion.Real estate training with him in the water today. It seems a lot to be thankful!

If the water rises slowly, or adding another title to go today … 3 consecutive days. But everyone is still wearing a wet suit with a few randoms. To make sure these costumes.

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