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G-Land September 17th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf And the water stays hot, but you want one. At least correspond to something like a spring. The water is about 70 (21) degrees I saw two people exit. Once again covered with fog, I had to break the light of the earth to the waves and laughed along the shaft of money. After being raised from about 9:30 to watch, I could clearly see that my imagination filled with the reality of the objects and the painting of misty staggered in cash or in-line. I learned not to believe rumors of inflated land preparation, but it does come up with fun things.

But a new wave coming, and not the money after losing 3 days of life. Light winds of the earth today, yesterday and a very clear difference. The difference is that the waveseasier to get a wave of arrests of you when the wind blows offshore. Drop the blind, andhas hit hard on the lips, because you can not see how your body position for the fall(remember always blind) together in the last days of strong winds, and The Ledge is. I am not guilty of anything other than me, but now I feel better. I felt more in tune and natural waterfalls. We have a long period of severe depression treated off real realwaves!

Kong is by Money Trees today is about 10 meters on the set of good condition and supersmooth surface. Rippable money over and over and still bootable kernel Ledge session short.

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