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G-Land September 16th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf I feel a few days ago that the water had a tendency to heat up, but if it is wrong, you are not satisfied with the jacket does not fit in your pocket. If I am correct, then we are all happy! I will definitely continue with the cold water until the heat to write.

Another morning spent shrouded in fog. Real Estate wet solid and real. Land, sea waterwashed away completely blows cold feeling that I’m standing on the beach of G-Land Surf.You feel more like a steel of the north. The only thing necessary for the sensation of fly and of my stuff. But the monkeys to fill this niche.

No surfing for me today and I did not think much of him before the test. From the looks ofwhat I see between the layers of the ocean after burning out and disappearing into the interior a little smaller than yesterday, compared to 6-8, but there are some lines thatwork outside the camp. To find the money fast enough, but it is a sign of a new swell. We hope that tomorrow there will be more for the collection, because it is Also. First, I believe that the eternal hope, and two a little ’more of them.

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