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G-Land September 14th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf bring a jacket full of spring with short sleeves or even fully satisfy two mm 3-2, if you really want to be warm. He wears a vest, shirt, vest or not too happy with their situation! Water is also a bit too cool, It just does not feel like 8 degrees to the equator.

But the G-land Surf, and therefore the most important point is how the forecasts are not significantly swell the positive side of focus, is the face of 10 feet on the set of the right side. And there are a lot of them. See 10-3, waist is pretty good. Kong Fan Palms Ledge through and it works better. There is not much going on under the reef ledge and down through the window of time. Early morning is a series with the money, but they are still too fast. Too fast and the whistle falls off the coast of the night to make a quick buck is more than an exercise program that fits like the paddle-surfing.

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