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G-Land September 13th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf To date, the transport and we started to slow down a bit ‘. Now there are 50 guest accommodations and will probably start to move in this direction softened. But when I pushed. key, I realized that it was only in mid-September. Do not hesitate to October, another great wave of the program with a big wave and will once again pack for sure. But the other part is pretty small number today, so I will be grateful for a solo session from within that slide if they occur in the near future.

So, in a report yesterday in which I pushed past the point of mechanical inclination. Add one more day of this. MA in size a bit ‘. Most of about 8-10 feet and face was the only real difference. Crazy party last night! This is one of the best in my opinion. It was not one of those super-late after a party at midnight. We stopped at 11:30, but it just feels good. I wrote to put some photos and I will. I’ll have a good collection of what happened last week or two e-mail.

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