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G-Land September 12th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf It feels a bit repetitive Now, what consecutive days in which conditions the waves are very similar. This is not a negative thing at all, only to realize that it’s usually the opposite of the recurring nature. means the only thing that seems consistent across the waves the next day that the high level of quality and character, which changes daily. Also on the same wavelength.

So it’s only four days to swell to come in the same angle, 228 degrees for the prediction … and is the same part of the barrier with the same wavelength at the same time (I need to adjust the flow progessing every day, add) film of the same size, with the same number of movements that are difficult abroad, with cold water and the number of Internet users themselves. I do not remember such a trend here at all mechanical.

Everything I did, and by pressing the focus, the cornice is the first order for 4 days. Money Trees properly aligned and all difficult to draw their weapons and join the first wave, before he could kill his own shot. Many people living in the few moments of peace before it reaches the lip is about. Can have the best advantage of the air goes bodysurfing, but do not know what they can do with it once it starts downreef pipe teeth.

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