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G-Land September 11th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Offshore rigid, Money Tree is really crisp and relatively good collection of the day surfing more fun here with ease. Conditions again in the morning … and with all men and more to ensure they receive the most important meeting of the Money Tree, was a 2 / 2 days there was no crowd.

Money of about 8.30 bis 10.30 clock, a first-class waves, rather than have an epic quality, but it is a rod for the entire duration of the lock. It seems that many people are seriously going to question the 20 knot abroad. But of course, makes the wind, the real openness. This is a difficult decision for the jury. It received a major weapon in money tress, when the wind tore the hair from behind so that the rain fall for 5 seconds. Or did you challenge the mind retiring soon, so the wind does not move does not reflect the nose on his face, as well as the 7 foot longer on board. He came too late or drop lips?

So, once part of a day off to go half-desperate in any case, two people at low tide. In order to still occur, but they want change. Does surfing alone for about an hour, then another 2 hours with 1 other person … Dibble, who … then slowly. The other two are with us. From about 16.00 clock, there were 10 surfers to try the Ledge, and I went three days just happens to Legde is really interesting and I hope that tomorrow will come to life.

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