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G-Land September 10th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf One of the best morning I’ve seen in a long time. Offshore Money Tree Care has to clock 6:30 ET for a period of 2 hours from about 8.30 a 10.30 clock, that is! The money is really good head, 2x is on the wall and long tubes, which are maintained for a few seconds, a large number of super-long curtains and let the people who really can go in a barrel. Find the Money Tree Classic.

And as the tide drained, slowly swelling to organize time and one of the meetings is to reveal the Ledge is more difficult. Because the edge is clear, with each series, it became clear that breakfast is served on the ground.

For most of the session and Cory Dibble, two of our guests and myself. For many other parts of the session is less than a handful of them. None of us ha, a of the numbers just Ledge, but less is always hitting a bump coral.

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