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G-Land October 8th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf interesting to me, how do the wind conditions, what they do. It does not matter that I can not understand the causes of violence abroad, time to start after noon. But it’s nice to connect with the elements around us, as farmers get a sense of relationship with the land from time to time upright. It seems a really complex, but perhaps not different than the seventh day disappeared, the wind only variablility the other side of the mean, if the wind swung to begin their daily exercise. Today they started to blow in 3,2. Yesterday was about the previous day, which is also very late, if I remember correctly. But it is good that the wind right again showed the presence every day.

Another day with a clean cloth, followed by the beginning of a real wind. Not too much to face the waves and swells, as the destruction is clean, it is probably one of the country’s best session possible. forecast 8-10 feet and face are certainly sets usually doubled. Eveything show their faces again. Money Tree is better than ever … Fang died out completely, if the offshore pipeline to come. Different types of road … Fan palms misaligned Kong, Tiger tracks in the morning. Yup … Almost all show their faces in couples the right to speak.

But there is a meeting place, took at sunset. A pulse of a future seriously, took almost an hour and systematic violations, and the faces is empty of up to 12 meters. Navigators are required to get through, just because it is the most important window of days of surfing. I’m sure that makes the difference in quality.

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