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G-Land October 7th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf For people who opposed the early hours of the morning for morning sickness┬ánormal conditions, the applause for this I would. While ultra-clean this morning, it would be nice to be there and surf. It is not normal, but it happens. This is the day of transport, and so I did. Current bloated size was perfect for … about G-land Surf f0recast 8-10 feet in my face and glasses on average. At that time I was at the front with new guests, the wind began to slide down the beach, and we just have to wait. About 10:30, the wind began to improve, get out of the S … not perfect … but 100% easier to select more than wind W. This was the final blow to the sea, sometimes at 2, and the light for several hours.

A bit of everything else, all come alive for a short period. I have seen photos almost every day recently. Dave and Norris were in a tour de force, to capture everything. Sometimes they are both on the limb at the same time … as in my photo was published yesterday. Pipeline of the Earth by Norris and the pipeline of the boat┬áby a shot of Dave at the time of the shot itself.

And my original thought that I saw the pictures I have heard the surprise of a sequence of photos. The days of recent years have been really fun … Have fun … NOT but true. There is a significant sequence of waves that hit over the other …. As the tree line-up Launch Pad Palm is not above the treetops. Fairly well. Norris took a series of what looks like a catch of photography in relation to a point. There are several waves seemed pretty full with some parts of the hydraulic system from a lot of wow, I’m still here! I’m not lucky enough to have one of them, but I always hope for tomorrow.

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