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G-Land October 5th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf┬áthe patient waited a long time for all, now in control of what, until the condition in our favor. Maybe it’s just about noon and started to make things interesting for me. And a small team, too. The wind is a bit ‘off, turning around from all directions, but the half-day off-shore. It is a slow but steady progress people can make. A solid swell in my head … 2x and then some. It has never been completely cleared, but there are times when a little ‘quiet wash uPrefs gust pushed Grajagan surface conditions are good, clean and smooth, combining for all. And if you have one, as all the elements together, you have a good trip.

Bombora violation of the rights of the first day. Low tide and I wrote … massive swelling. Forecast rose to 1.6 meters in 2 shots a really good start. Money tree creation Bommie looking long and the top layer should be doubled. Fang is probably the most beautiful day, with photographic evidence of proof Norris. My mind is evil and has decided to support the money right and then sit on the board. It can be useful if you do not have to happen. Launch Pad This little Spee ‘work. But the height of 1.6 meters is not very high is all. Should be selective when the real intentions of both sides tend Kamakazi.

Basically this is a little ‘complicated, but it is to feel beautiful, the weather rolling swell again, at this point.┬áThe cold air even more. I have a bone-cold in the night session and returned with a lively.

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