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G-Land October 4th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Tides in the morning and stay a while ‘swollen for two days was taken to start the expectations. Low tide is the last 2 days completely different when it is more water on the reef. The Money Tree, not a lot through the dryer at high tide. Sometimes it is better to go in the water, but the character of this wave. So we said goodbye and say hello to transport crew. One that comes to the last 3 days, is expected to recognize that they have reached. And if the wind began to gasp through the trees and the lagoon. There are some new crew members to return to G-Land Surf. Fun day for them to become familiar with the place.

In 10 hours, the entire sheet, and stood on a different day, where everything works. Traces of Tiger are real and it is also assumed that the crew of five, took the floor and go with it. Head high and clean.

No water today, great … 1.7 meters and up again, perhaps not yet reached that level for Channel 2 station indicator of distance from here to Benoa Harbor. And in the flow of deep trenches can be found on planet Earth. But the launching pad for some games and work Speedies operates a small challenge. Money Tree of Life. The Ledge … Palm fans and Kong. Another buffet!

Surf forecast around 8-10 meters with a few thugs who are a better way than others. Offshore, but not all the time … N swinging straight back to S and ESE.¬†To expand all over the outstretched arm with a full Shaka the horizon and the sun, we see a wider and was stopped¬†and get all excited again. It seems to bulge again and it looks like it might be a solid race in my head.

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