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G-Land October 3rd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Awakened by the sound waves is beautiful. I’m not the only reason to scale just in case it led to the Continent. Last night ended with the waves are pumping at G-Land, for which the possibility of rapid swelling had gone really small. Early in the morning, check the surf at the beach looks very good. A small bump in the morning, but it feels like the day will come when the true quality of life, Expectations and always positive about what they want. Offshore begin treatment until it is designed to swell, swell at 09.30 yesterday, and though slightly lower results, 2x, and will be better aligned to the right to launch pad as the tide rose in the morning.

Pad for Speed ??in preparation, but you must selectively not so much as yesterday. Layer between the parties, the separation even more clearly the potential to enter into the appropriate trash speedies. Better sit downreef pad and select a piece that focused on speed. But there are still people that use a connection, and crossed the shallows. Table to read 1.8 meters high tide, but more like 1.5 meters. Many problems that attract the attention of the brown reefs. But no one was hurt!

Money trees work all day and some very long waves, one after the other systems. Not so much a hole in one only more fun and carveable. As the tide fell, she Ledge. But it did not last too long. About an hour’s work and then actually stopped. But the pipe occurs during stroke. In fact, all part of a buffet. Fan palm 20 Tiger Tracks Kong and occurs all. I was pretty vague release the boat on the canal also. Real surface at low tides forecast Peel, however, and equally inactive. It’s good to know all of a sudden wave of 6 miles from work here. It is not so often But do today.

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