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G-Land October 31st 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Strange, but this is the way of walking. Burn a little ‘warmer than normal in my body and feel like the others, would be more intelligent than the vague “enjoyin head through.

Transportation and 14 days little surprised to see 14 on the list, but can the logic of spending time in the G-Land, where the wave is small to truly understand. Jarred back after about six weeks in Bali and all are part of the operation. The entire staff of Bali Grajagan be here today, including Bobby. The end of the season is an impressive and a long table was set at about 50 of us there to talk and listen to what is coming next season. A big swell was the thought of my expectations.

While browsing … clean sea, a few forecast feet above his head a little ’empty when he and the tree money. Fan palms and work through the ledge Kongs are waves all day. It ‘s funny to see a day to browse and surf even though I have much time before the bench, watching the sun reveals the day Pictures below is not new. In fact, we do not have many classic G-Land sunset can. But this 23-I remember it very well.

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